Scottish Highland Bagpipes & Smallpipes

Finely crafted pipes to enjoy with friends or play on stage.


"Stephen Thomforde creates beautiful instruments of tonal versatility and refined sound in the MacHarg smallpipe tradition. His “A” pipes have been designed with the flexibility to play many more notes than the standard “a” and “e”, depending on what key your tune is in...and you always have a “c natural” with just the lift of your thumb.  The sound is great and the instruments are lovely...great buy.”
"Stephen has crafted an exceptional instrument. The chanter plays beautifully and its reed sounds true; the minor third thumb-hole, and all the various drone configurations, allow for a wealth of interesting keys and musical innovation; the tuning of the instrument allows for collaboration with standard A440 musicians. Pipers and non-pipers alike are always impressed with the pipes' tone when I play, and I'm certain anyone with Thomforde bagpipes will create many years-worth of excellent music.”